Whether you’re thinking of moving to Tennessee, or are planning to move to another destination across the country, The Ferguson Company Relocation Services can assist you every step of the way. Whether you’re a corporate executive coordinating a company move or an individual thinking of moving your family, learning to call a new city “home” can be complicated.

Relocation Services at The Ferguson Company have been a priority for more than 46 years. We’ve helped thousands of people make a smooth transition to the East Tennessee community and represented hundreds of companies. We are committed to making your move to Knoxville a smooth transition. Our highly acclaimed Relocation Division coordinates hundreds of cross-country referrals, welcoming newcomers with professional assistance and southern hospitality. We want you to feel welcome, even before you arrive.

It’s not easy to pick up and move across the country or even across the state. How do you know: the best neighborhoods, the best schools, or even the best places to eat, shop and have fun? The Ferguson Company recognizes this, it provides an elite group of real state professionals willing to help coordinate all the details of your move. Our goal is to provide all the information you need to make your transition a smooth and happy one. We want you to feel welcome in your new hometown even if you’re still half a continent away.

Before your arrival in Tennessee, you will consult with our Relocation Specialists to determine your current housing needs and discuss your options. You will also receive a Relocation Package. The relocation specialist will be thoroughly prepared upon your arrival to give you an area tour and help you locate just the right property, in the right neighborhood, for you and your family. Because The Ferguson Company has more than 80 years of experience in real estate, we have a wealth of information about long – and – short distance moves. From A-Z, we can provide answers that help with the logistics of packing up and moving to a new home. We can assist with everything from how to do it most efficiently – to how to enjoy your first day in your new home.

Most people that are close to retirement look forward to more time to relax. Tennessee has long been a state that has been favorable to retirees’ desires. At the top of those desires are general financial security, time flexibility and relaxation. Average living cost is even lower when it comes to healthcare, which is one of the main financial concerns for older Americans.

Tennessee’s 2020 total tax burden of 6.18% ranks 3rd lowest out of 50 states, and is below the national average of 9.8%. Tennessee’s taxpayers pay $2694 per capita in state and local taxes. Tennessee’s tax laws are getting more favorable every year. The state does not tax individual wage income earned by its residents. The gift tax was repealed January 2012. The estate tax was repealed January 2016. Thereby, making the state more friendly to business and helping retirees to feel more financially secure.

Kiplinger rated Tennessee as the fifth best state to retire in 2018. This was based on financial factors including cost of living, tax burden and affordability of healthcare. They also considered the economic health of the state and the physical health of the population over 65. Flexibility to do what you want in retirement is often associated with having income left over to cover activities and to travel and enjoy new experiences.