Chimney Tops Trail in Smoky Mountains

chimney tops

Chimney Tops trail of the most popular and challenging trails in the Smoky Mountains. The hike to the top is a steep 3-mile trek but the views are spectacular.

Chimney Tops Trail Overview:

Lenght: About 3 miles round trip

Elevation: 1,400 feet

Time to Complete: 3-5 hours

Difficulty: Challenging


The trailhead is located at the Chimney Tops Trailhead, accessible via the Newfound Gap Road (US-441) near Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Ample parking is available.

Ascent to the Chimney Tops

The trail ascends through a lush forest, gradually gaining elevation. The path is well-maintained but requires some effort to navigate the steep sections. Along the way, hikers can enjoy views of the surrounding mountains

As you climb higher, the trail narrows and becomes more technical. You’ll encounter exposed roots and rocky terrain. After the fires in 2016, Chimney Tops trail was renovated and stone stairs were installed to make the trail safer and erode less.

The Chimney Tops

The highlight of the trail is the Chimney Tops, a series of rocky peaks that protrude above the surrounding landscape. The largest of these peaks, Chimney Top Rock, offers panoramic views of the Great Smoky Mountains.

The Chimney Tops Hiking Trail is a must-do for hikers seeking a challenging and rewarding experience. The breathtaking views from the summit are worth the effort.