Smoky Mountain Waterfalls: Ramsay Cascades

Smoky mountain rocky waterfall river flowing in autumn fall leaves nature

Ramsay Cascades is a strenuous 8-mile roundtrip hike. The highest waterfall in the park. Eastward lies Ramsey Cascade and Greenbrier Pinnacle trails. A leisurely walk along a well-graded roadbed leads to an old parking loop at about one-mile. The trail forks to the two locations. Ramsey Cascade is a famous trail of eight miles leading to a spectacular waterfall. Formally, an invigorating rock climb to the top of the falls yielded an extraordinary view westward. However, deaths and injuries on the cliffs have forced the park service to disassemble the bridge over the river leading to the trail to the top. To ban this gorgeous overlook is unfortunate, however the safety of the park visitors is indeed a paramount issue. Several huge tulip poplars hug the path about midway. The hike is long and tiring, rarely unpopulated, but well worth the effort. In winter, the waterfall is even more beautiful and less crowded. But the trail is sometimes vague under snow, so don’t make a first time of it in the winter months.