Smoky Mountain Trails: Indian Flat Falls

Smoky mountain rocky waterfall river flowing in autumn fall leaves nature

Indian Flat Falls

Indian Flat Fall is a moderate hike and a total 7.5 miles roundtrip. The charm of Indian Flat Falls lies in the fact that it consists of four distinct waterfalls, each with its own breathtaking beauty. These falls are strategically located along the Indian Flat Prong, resembling a beautiful necklace. Indian Flat Falls is truly a remarkable destination.

To reach the old railroad bed, simply cross the footbridge over Lynn Camp prong. Once there, you’ll notice that the trail splits into two directions. Take the left fork, which will lead you along the beautiful creek on the Middle Prong Trail. As you continue on this trail, you’ll come across some stunning cascades. Keep following the Middle Prong Trail, even after it intersects with Jakes Gap Trail. After a little over a mile from the trail junction, you’ll encounter a couple of switchbacks that will take you up the ridge.

The trail gradually distances itself from the creek and begins to ascend on additional switchbacks. At the second switchback, a less noticeable side trail diverges to the right. Venture onto this unmarked path, following an old roadbed to reach the top of the falls, about 150 feet above. Although the side trail may be obscured by vegetation in the summer, the stunning view at the end makes navigating through the underbrush worth it.