Smoky Mountain Trail: Little Greenbrier

Smoky mountain overlook of trees in fall autumn along car road with old wooden fence

Little Greenbrier

Little Greenbrier trail offers stunning views and is rarely crowded, making it an ideal escape from the busyness of the rest of Smoky Mountain National Park.

If you’re looking for Wear Cove Gap Road near the park boundary, make a turn into Metcalfs Bottoms Picnic Area from Little River Road. Drive straight over the bridge for 1.25 miles. The trailhead will be on your right, right before you reach the top of the hill. Keep in mind that parking space is extremely limited in this location.

Lace up your hiking boots and prepare for an incredible adventure! The trail begins with a gentle ascent through a serene pine oak forest, creating a tranquil atmosphere right from the start. As you progress, the trail will transition into a mixed hardwood forest, providing a diverse and captivating landscape for the majority of your hike. Be prepared for a continuous uphill climb, but don’t worry, the stunning views of Wear Cove from the ridge will make it all worthwhile.

Upon completing a 2.0-mile hike the trail meets the Little Brier Gap Trail. Turning left will guide you out of the park and into a section of Wear Cove previously named Buckeye Springs. Opting for a right turn will bring you to the Walkers Sisters Homesite, a quaint farm where five resilient sisters lived until 1964. The short 0.75-mile trek to the site is truly rewarding.

If you choose to take a left turn, you’ll be greeted by a trail that meanders around the bend and reveals a breathtaking sight of the majestic mountains. This place is known as Wear Cove, a hidden gem nestled amidst the towering peaks.