5 Places to See Performing Arts Theater in Knoxville


Knoxville has a vibrant performing arts theater community that hosts a wide array of events throughout the year. Experience a wonderful night out at the Knoxville Opera Company or the Symphony Orchestra. You can also catch the Appalachian Ballet Company showcasing ballet favorites like the Nutcracker during the holiday season. Here are the top 5 places to see performing arts events in Knoxville:

  1. The Knoxville Symphony Orchestra: The Knoxville Symphony Orchestra showcases a diverse range of performances. Shows include classical masterpieces to contemporary compositions.
  2. The Knoxville Opera Company: The Knoxville Opera Company showcases a diverse range of performances, from classic operas like “La Traviata” and “The Barber of Seville” to contemporary works and special events.
  3. The Appalachian Ballet Company: The Appalachian Ballet Company showcases classical ballet to contemporary pieces. During the holiday season you can get tickets to see classics such as the Nutcracker.
  4. The Knoxville Civic Auditorium and Coliseum: The Knoxville Civic Auditorium hosts a variety of events and shows. Some of the past shows include Disney on Ice performances, circus events, and concerts. The Auditorium is also home to the Knoxville Ice Bears professional hockey team.
  5. The Tennessee Theater Opened almost a century ago, the Tennessee Theater is renowned for hosting a variety of shows ranging from Broadway performances and concerts to comedy shows and film screenings.

tennessee theater sign downtown knoxville